10 best Roomba Black Friday deals you can get right now

Roomba Black Friday Deals

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With the flood of early Black Friday deals rolling out everyday, its no surprise that you can get some of the best Roomba Black Friday deals right now, without having to wait for the big day itself.

The Roomba, iRobot’s iconic brand of robot vacuum cleaners, were one of the first smart home devices that caught on with consumers many years ago, and it hasn’t slowed down since. 

While there are a lot of competitors, iRobot continues to put out some of the highest-quality robot vacuums out there thanks to their commitment to robotics education at schools around the country, which helps attract some of the top engineering talent around.

As a result, Roombas can be a bit on the pricier side of the market, which makes these Roomba Black Friday deals all the more special. We went through the major retailers and pulled out the 10 best Roomba Black Friday deals you can get right now. (Not in the U.S.? Scroll down for the best Roomba deals in your region.)

Roomba 981: $589.00 $399.99 at Amazon

The Roomba 981 delivers powerful performance with 10 times the suction and automatically increases suction on carpets to clean deeper than earlier models. With support for both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you can clean up with just the sound of your voice, all for 32% off over at Amazon.View Deal

Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum: $249.99 $224.99 at Home Depot

The Roomba 614 robot vacuum is a very affordable robot vacuum unit with a 3-stage cleaning system that lifts and loosens dirt and debris from even medium-pile carpets and sucks it up. With a 90-minute run time before needing a recharge, the Roomba 614 is the perfect entry-level set it and forget it robot vacuum – now for 10% off at Home Depot.View Deal

Roomba i3 : $599.99 $549.99 at Amazon

The Roomba i3 combines both affordability and advanced features with a self-emptying dustbin built into its charging base, making it the ultimate set-it-and-forget-it robot vacuum. Now, with $50 off over at Amazon, it’s more affordable than ever.View Deal

Roomba E6: $449.00 $299.00 at Walmart

The Roomba E6 comes Wi-Fi-enabled and was designed with homes with pets in mind. Powerful suction and a high-efficiency filter traps mold, pollen, and dust mites along with dust, dirt, pet hair, and other large debris.View Deal

Roomba i7 with Automatic Dirt Disposal: $999.99 $799.00 at Amazon

This Wi-Fi-enabled Roomba i7 comes with an automatic dirt disposal charging base, so you don’t have to worry about emptying your Roomba every week. What’s more, it’s compatible with the iRobot Home app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant to better integrate it into your smart home environment.

Roomba 675: $279.99 $249.00 at Amazon

A great entry-level robot vacuum, the Roomba 675 features adaptive navigation and dual multi-surface brushes to clean everything from hardwood floors to tile to medium-pile carpets at an affordable price made even better with $30 off over at Amazon.View Deal

Roomba E5: $349.99 $299.99 at Home Depot

Get a great deal on this powerful little robot vacuum with five times the lifting-suction of the Roomba 600 series for $50 off over at Home Depot ahead of Black Friday.View Deal

Roomba i7 Bundle: $879.99 $499.00 at Walmart

This Roomba i7 bundle from Walmart includes the highly-popular Roomba i7 model with Wi-Fi connectivity comes with extra edge-sweeping brushes, extra high-efficiency filters, dual multi-surface rubber brushes, and a 2-year extended warranty – all for just under $500 at Walmart right now.View Deal

Roomba i3: $399.99 $349.99 at Amazon

The Roomba i3 with Wi-Fi features 10 times the suction of the Roomba 600 series robot vacuums at a fantastic price thanks to $50 off over at Amazon right now.View Deal

Roomba S9 with Automatic Dirt Disposal: $1,299.99 $999.00 at Amazon Get all the power of this top of the line Roomba S9 robot vacuum with the convenience of automatic dirt disposal – all for $300 off over at Amazon.View Deal

Best Roomba Deals in your region

Not in the U.S.? We pulled together some great Roomba deals, no matter where you are.

November 16, 2020
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