10 Almost Famous Quotes You Probably Say All the Time

When Cameron Crowe put us on the tour bus with William Miller, Penny Lane, and Stillwater 20 years ago, he did more than just make us a fly on the wall for the circus, pump us full of great music, and make us believe that we’re cool. After we came back to the real world after 122 minutes of thinkpieces, Band Aids, and golden gods, we had a new language to describe our own realities — and love of music.

So, here we are, two decades later, long after Doris has been retired; drunk on the booze of friendship; dark and mysterious as ever; totally, utterly uncool; and still tossing about the following lines as if we first saw Almost Famous just yesterday. Don’t “fecking” judge us.

Anyway, it’s all happening.

“One day … you’ll be cool.”

Almost Famous - CoolAlmost Famous - Uncool

“See you back in the real world.”

Almost Famous - Music September 14, 2020

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