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    This article takes a critical view of the entire media role in hyping up the very sober and self-enhancing concept of subliminality. And tries to analyze the latest research done by scientists on how visual subliminal priming works on us humans.If you never knew what subliminality was, and if you happened to review the entire literature that popular media has thrown up since the late fifties, you will come away with the kind of heady feeling that you get after seeing a thriller movie. It’s the kind of movie that has oodles of sex, dark and somber mind control, deception, Cold War & communist spies, thought police, and what have you. I wouldn’t blame you – it is the media that is responsible for the misinformation and hype.Meanderings in Research Because of the way Subliminality in general and visual subliminal messaging in specific has evolved — publicity-stunts raising concerns in the minds of the public about its alleged devious use by cynical ad agencies;- prompting governments to take extreme, albeit knee-jerk reactions such as declaring a ban on all forms of subliminal advertising;- and respectable authors churning out sensational books on “hidden persuaders”;… Research on this subject has historically taken the road of proving how all this claim of “subliminal advertising” was a hoax. Perhaps that was the need of the hour. Perhaps it was expected in the society of the times that science steps in to assuage the then fears of the lay public that “subliminal advertising” and “subliminality” were nothing but a figment of imagination of the scandalmongers.It is only in recent times that research is giving a more holistic treatment to subliminality. The baton has passed on from the labs of social psychology to the labs of Behavioral Neuroscience. As the EEG probes of the neurosurgeon go deeper into the functioning of the brain, trying to understand how this mysterious organ behaves the way it does, more accurate light is being thrown on how subliminal messages can and do affect the neurons, and consequently, our behavior – under specific conditions. The net conclusion: Subliminal messaging works.”Pictures With High Arousal Value” That is how scientists described sex-explicit images used by them in an earlier study on visual subliminal cues, conducted on both the male and female Homo sapiens species (duh, that’s us).The research in question was conducted by Professor Sheng He and his colleagues from the Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota, along with Patricia Costello of the Gustavus Adolphus College, Minnesota and Miner Huang of Sun-Yat Sen University, Guangzhou. Forty participants – twenty male and twenty female, with different sexual preferences, homo / hetero – sat before a computer monitor, and their dominant eye was noted. (Yes, just like left-handed/right-handedness, we all tend to rely on one eye over the other – left or the right.) To the dominant eye, two meaningless images of multiple color (noise pictures) were presented. In the above instance, the erotic picture and its scrambled counterpart became invisible, and the participants only saw the noise.After 0.8 Why Are There Sexual Images In Temples? seconds of seeing this image, something called a “Gabor Patch” was randomly overlapped on the erotic picture or the control image before the same eye that saw them.