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    Carriers make an awful lot of money from customers they manage to lock into a contract, and in order to make these contracts appear more attractive, they provide sweeteners as an incentive (by way of a free or very cheap iPhone) to sign on the line. In the case of the iPhone, the networks provide them under contract at a heavily subsidized price, sometime even below wholesale price. And in order to make these contracts seem even more appealing, the major carriers have got together and encouraged Apple to keep the price of their unlocked handsets exceptionally high. It has been known for networks to offer the latest iPhone models at up to 5 times less expensive that the exact same model, but in an IMEI unlocked state. The idea of being able to get a brand new iPhone for virtually pennies sounds great. The reality might be that a discounted, but locked, iPhone may not be the ideal scenario for you looking towards the future. Perhaps you have moved to somewhere remote in the country and there is no cell phone coverage offered in that area by your current provider. You won’t be able to swap SIM cards and hope the new carrier you have chosen will work – it won’t! If you go to the effort of buying a pay-as-you-go SIM from a different carrier, you will soon discover that it won’t work in your phone. The only option for you would be to . It is surprising but often people were unaware that software unlocking would void the manufacturer’s warranty on their device and could only be applied to handsets running firmware 5.1.1 or earlier. Theoretically some iPhones can still be unlocked using the software method, but they are limited to specific models, namely the iPhone 4s or earlier, and they have to be running iOS 5.1.1 or earlier, which was superseded in July of 2011. The best method of iPhone unlocking is the . Unlocking via this route will result in your iPhone being identical to a big money factory unlocked handset, purchased directly from the Apple store. Unlocking your iPhone via this method does not void your warranty and enables the unlocked iPhone to be updated via iTunes without it ever being relocked (the same cannot be said for software unlocking). Although this method of permanent unlocking is nothing new, until recently it has only been offered through the networks directly. Rather astonishingly though, Apple have always refused to offer customers a factory unlock. Due to recent changes in the iPhone unlocking industry it is now possible to bypass your carrier and use a third party service provider to provide your official iPhone unlock. Using this method of unlocking will not only enable your iPhone to be used on any network around the world, but will be worth substantially more as a result should you ever choose to sell it. Regardless of the fact that these factory unlocks are provided by independent organizations, they do not void your Apple warranty. To learn more about permanently unlocking iPhones, how the process works, who offers the service and how much it costs, please do contact us today – all your questions and enquires are warmly welcomed.