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    The overall health worker stated `the body is going to be within the land right here or there, so why not right here. The mother continues to be stressed because of this.” [Rural female, 35] “… when the patient dies, no auto transfers their body back property. Consequently, they just surrender to their illnesses and say `I go I die, I remain I die. Superior keep and die in my property and not place numerous pressures or make difficulty for the families.'” [Urban female, 44]Food and accommodation costsAnother major expense for respondents was the price of repatriating the deceased, specifically the elderly. Since 2009, the government has had a policy to supply funeral automobiles [40, 41] through the Ministry for Social Solidarity, nevertheless FGD respondents didn’t mention the policy nor obtaining benefitted from it. As an alternative, several respondents described the issues involved organising private arrangements, particularly for the reason that on the usually held belief that transporting a cadaver brings negative luck, c-di-AMPmanufacturer escalating the cost of hiring transport, beyond the attain of lots of. “Three incidents occurred to our family. Our 3 kids passed away … So as ordinary people today, we can’t do anything to cure our kid along with the youngster has to die. As part of that, when our child passed away at [the referral] hospital the ambulance can’t evacuate the dead physique to remote villages. Therefore, we have to hire private ambulance and fill it with fuel which expense up to 100trip… Based on this expertise, we decided not to bring our fourth youngster to [the referral] hospital and we prefer they die at home than suffer like the other 3 household members.” [Rural male, 42] “The oldest people today within the village are afraid… After they pass away no-one can spend to have them taken back… like 250. So it is much better they stay right here and not place far more pressure on the family… Far better to just die right here. We want to go to Dili simply because we choose to survive but it is challenging.” [Rural female, 27]Respondents have been acutely aware in the cumulative fees accrued during the time spent away from property, particularly paying for meals for companions. Patients’ meals could be shared together with the companions who slept at the hospital rather than incur additional costs. “In hospital the meals and bed are provided only for the patient, as well as the individual who accompanied the patient did not get meals and a bed inside the roomhospital. Consequently family members members had to purchase their meals outside. During therapy… we didn’t purchase any medicine, all medicines have been offered. The only difficulty is regarding the food for the family members who look following the patient.” [Rural male, 24]Price et al. BMC Well being Solutions Research (2016) 16Page 10 of”I have one more experience when I stayed in hospital. I see with my own eyes where the families divided a plate of food (actually for patient) into two components so that each the patient and caretaker can consume a bit bit.” [Urban female, 36] A constant theme was regardless of whether there was family members in the vicinity that could assistance their check out; close enough to the hospital for affordable travel costs and to supply accommodation for t.