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    Some Of The Common Signs and Symptoms of AnxietyIt’s often challenging to recognize the symptoms of anxiety. The symptoms that different people with anxiety could be experiencing may be totally different. Being constantly stressed is one of the common symptoms that many people with anxiety claim of experiencing. Some may deal with a sudden attack during a gathering, while other people might have a hard time with an overwhelming fear of driving a car, or other things.Anxiety involves a wide range of symptoms. One significant symptom that many people with anxiety experience is the persistent fear or being excessively worried about things that other people don’t normally stress over.A few of the common symptoms of anxiety include becoming easily irritated, inability to concentrate, nervousness, sweating, muscle pain, shortness of breath, sleep problems, fatigue, headache, indigestion, queasiness, tremors and twitches, heart beating too fast, and the feeling of having only little control over things.If you think that you could be experiencing anxiety, you need to take action and help yourself get over it. A doctor can give you a medical diagnosis and guidance. It is also a good idea to search for an experienced therapist to help you take care of exactly what’s triggering your anxiety.