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    There are many ways that you can get into financial trouble. Living over your means, losing your job, getting ill, or going through a divorce can all cause financial devastation and leave you wondering what to do.While you can often get yourself out of credit trouble, some issues are best left to a credit counselor. Below are some of the more severe financial issues that may require professional help.BankruptcyCredit counseling and education is required by law before filing and finalizing a bankruptcy. Do your research and find the best company, both from a service and cost stand point. Bankruptcy can be a life changing event and so can learning how to properly manage your finances. Take advantage and be diligent when finding a counseling firm to counsel and educate you.Being Late on Secured DebtWhen you default on a secured loan, the lender can take the assets that secure the loan. If you don’t make your car payments, you can lose your car. Being behind on your mortgage could cause you to lose your home.Most of us need a car so we can get to work and a home to live in. Messing around with secured debt is dangerous. If you get behind on a loan that is backed by an asset, be proactive. Either make payments to get caught up or get professional help quick.Joint Credit ProblemsEveryone has their opinion, and often times those opinions are different. If you are experiencing credit problems on a loan that you share with someone else, and your opinion of what to do differ from theirs, seek a counselor that can act as an arbitrator. This will force you and your partner to compromise.Several Bill CollectorsIf you are behind on several debts, managing the demands of the collection agencies can be almost impossible. The agencies all think that their debt is the most important and some can make unreasonable requests. This can make working with the other agencies difficult. Hiring a credit counselor that can help Excessive Traffic prioritize the debts and work with the collection agencies can help alleviate the abundant stress.SummaryAs always, be proactive when dealing with credit problems. By reviewing your free annual credit report and scores, you can monitor your credit and take notice of any mistakes or issues, thus fixing them before they get out control.