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So there I was, braces so big my mouth couldn’t shut, flat chest, flat butt and dance moves so bad that I lost my “I Am Black” card. Elementary school was not kind to me and it didn’t help that I was into comics, science-fiction novels, and any video game that I could get my hands on. Psychoanalysis aside, my inner geek and nobby-knees didn’t quite fit in at this Catholic School. So as sister so-and-so or father-morality went on about creationism vs evolution and how we were all sinners, my mind wandered to science and how technology would change us. I romanced about a time where man and machine would co-exist. What will the future look like? Will life be better for folks like me when technology defines us? What will happen to people like my parents who can’t figure out to set-up voicemail?


As I began to lose myself in the world of HG Wells, Atari and sci-fi TV, I realized that the scientific and philosophical complexities of faith, religion, and black culture were diametrically opposed. So, I created my own world, on paper that is. A fictional dystopian, cyberpunk city called, Dartmoor Parrish, is where artificial intelligence sees humanity as a threat and a select group of humans have been bioengineered to physically interface with computer code in an effort to protect what is left of humanity. Cyber-Pixies, lead by my alter-ego Pi (short for pixie), are magical and fantastical cyborgs that can fly and have computer portals built into their anatomy. Although I was only ten, I began to develop storylines and environments. Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman were two of my favorite characters. Cat Woman was purr-fect!


Serendipity, the Universe’s way of creating fate-energy, aligned news reporting, creative writing, and television production as a part of my life’s journey. And after 30 years, Tina On Tech, will finally allow me to thread my three passions into one production. Welcome to my world!






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Tina Tyler
Tina Tyler is a veteran broadcast news anchor/reporter. Tyler is the founder and CEO of TINA ON TECH where she serves as producer and host of the weekly syndicated podcast TINA ON TECH and Editor-in-Chief for the TINA ON TECH website. Tyler is also a contributing writer for Tyler is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Tyler is the only African American female TV host, writer, producer, and owner of technology-themed content.

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