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Tina On Tech Radio Show: Cyber Security & The Evil Side of the Internet
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Now more than ever, the internet is connected to every part of our lives. From online shopping to email, we surf the web despite the sharks. Cyber crime is a multi-billion dollar business and according to Dr. Eric Cole, cyber security expert and author of a new book, “Online Danger: How to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones From the Evil Side of the Internet” and personal cyber security adviser to Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ and his family, these criminals aren’t just looking for your personal information, they want to use your computer to commit cyber crime! Here are four tips tips to keep yourself safe online.

Online Danger is a must read. Visit for more information and to pre-order your copy of the book. Protect yourself NOW!

Here is the latest Tina On Tech radio show interview featuring Dr. Eric Cole.


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