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Ryobi One + Power Tools Sytem: A Perfect Fit For Diva DIY Projects



Let me be honest, when it comes to tools, I typically go to the dollar store in search of a cheap disposable tool fix to whatever household chore I’m facing. I have screwdrivers and glue guns all over the house, but I can never seem to find them when I need them. But with Christmas around the corner, my diva decorating MUST make every neighbor green with envy. My house HAD to be the best and brightest on the block! From outdoor lighting and yard décor to indoor gingerbread houses and fireside retreats, I needed the right tools to elevate my design game.


Dressed in Chanel and red bottom shoes, fresh out of the nail salon, I combed the tool aisles of the major stores. I felt like Goldilocks, this one is too heavy, this one is too noisy. I needed something that was light and powerful with a grip made for small hands with long fingernails. If the product vibration was so strong that it shook my arm all the way up to my breasts, um that was a completely different type of hand held power tool if you get my drift! And, design style was key. I didn’t want a “guy” looking power tool but I didn’t want a pink one either. Would I ever find a power tool that was just right?

Download Ryobi Creative Team Mantle Project Plan

Discouraged, my final stop was Home Depot. I didn’t even bother to ask the sales guy which way to the power tool aisle. Believing my tool trek had ended in failure, my pilgrimage to hand-held heaven took a biblical turn. Like mana from the sky or a chorus of angels singing, I found my holy grail,  Ryobi Tools. The first thing that caught my attention was the color and the design. Superficial on my part for sure, the neon green and grayish-black color stood out from the crowd of other tools. The handle provided a comfortable guide and the products were light weight yet powerful. Price was also a stunner. Compared to similar power tools, the Ryobi One + system includes 100 tools powered by a never changing lithium battery platform. You don’t have to purchase a new battery for every tool. Cost effective. The LITHIUM One + batteries works with every Ryobi 18V tool ever made and the charger has IntelliPort™ Technology; which protects battery cells, maximizes battery life and conserves energy. And, as if I needed an OMG feature, on-board “Check Your Charge” fuel gauge allows you to know how much juice is in the batteries BEFORE you get into a project. Yeah!


So, here were my picks:  18V 6PC Lithium + Ultimate Combo Kit the 18V 6pc,  18V One + Hot Glue Gun18V One + Evercharge Hand Vac18V One + 16 GA Cordless Finish Nailer,  18V One + Compact Drill/Driver Kit, and Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw. Yes, I fed my inner power tool diva and yes, it was budget overkill. But this Christmas, my holiday décor will make even Santa blush. And the Oh-Ho-Hos from the neighbors will be priceless thanks to my Ryobi One + elves!





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